Mission & Values


SERENITY HOSPICECARE Is a free-standing, community and spiritually based, not-for-profit hospice, which serves St. Francois, Washington, Ste. Genevieve, Iron, Madison, Perry and parts of Reynolds and Jefferson counties.


OUR PRIMARY MISSION IS to provide excellent palliative medical, nursing, social, spiritual and bereavement services to people with end of life issues and to their loved ones. All services are self directed, individualized and available to everyone regardless of their ability to pay.

OUR SECONDARY MISSION IS to inform the general public and the healthcare community about the benefits of hospice services and how they can be obtained. It is also to provide community outreach programs which are consistent with our vision and primary mission.


OUR VISION IS that all people with end of life issues are treated with love and compassion physically, mentally, and spiritually, encompassing the whole person; dying at peace and with the utmost dignity; that their loved ones are supported according to their individualized needs before, during and after death.


OUR VALUES ARE: We are a spiritually based organization whose first responsibility is to serve our patients by meeting their individual needs with devoted care, compassion, privacy and respect. We value our employees, treating them with utmost dignity and respect, recognizing their contributions to the organization and the community. We are committed to observing the highest ethical standards and integrity in our decision making and quality of care, using a team and “best friends” approach. We value our future, with a strong dedication to continued learning and to utilizing and managing our resources effectively. Our focus is to sustain and enhance our services to the community

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