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Whether you are a family member, caregiver, or a patient yourself, learning the facts about hospice care is the only way to determine if it is the best option. At Serenity HospiceCare, we are committed to providing the best care possible for you and your loved ones.

The term “hospice” (from the same linguistic root as “hospitality”) can be traced back to medieval times when it referred to a place of shelter and rest for weary or ill travelers. The name was first applied to specialized care for dying patients in 1948 and eventually went on to create the first modern hospice.

With all the advances of modern medicine our bodies simply don’t live forever. For some, it may be the natural age progression or maybe a chronic illness. For others, this trying time may begin with a much younger person when a disease no longer responds to aggressive medical treatment.

The best way to describe what hospice care is, is to share what hospice care is not:

Hospice care is not losing or giving up hope

Hospice care is not quitting or giving up the fight

Hospice care is not just letting someone die

Hospice is a philosophy of care where the person is treated versus the disease. Hospice care is medical treatment and support when someone has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and life expectancy is six months or less. Hospice is putting all of our hope and energy into creating the best quality of life. Quality of life is defined as living comfortably however you choose. It is working toward freedom from pain and distress for whatever time remains whether it be months, weeks or days. Hospice care is about living!

Hospice provides care for the whole person and the whole family by helping with the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. At Serenity, we provide a team of hospice professionals that include a nurse, –RN or LPN–, CNA, a social worker, a spiritual care provider, music therapist and a volunteer, all led by a team specializing in end of life care.

Our goal at Serenity HospiceCare is to help provide quality living in the last days of life. As specialists in the field, we never rush nor resist the natural dying process. Our expertise is in making you and/or your loved one feel more at ease, free of pain, and at peace. It is about you and your family, you are unique and the care we provide is personalized for this part of the cycle of life.

Hospice services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance. If the patient has no insurance, hospice support is still available. At Serenity HospiceCare, we never turn anyone away for their inability to pay.

We want you to fully understand how hospice works; therefore, if you have questions, we would love to speak with you and answer any questions that you may have. Just click the “Request a Consultation” button below and one of our trained staff members will contact you to set up a meeting at your convenience. Of course, you can always call us at any time. 1-800-876-0162.

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