The Truth about Hospice

There are many misconceptions about hospice. Some of those misconceptions is that the end is near, that life is over… but it’s not.

Sometimes the best way to explain what hospice is, is to share what it is not.

Hospice is NOT:

Giving up

Losing hope,


Or just letting someone die.

Hospice is about getting the help, the relief, the medical care and the emotional support that you or a loved one need right now. It doesn’t guarantee that you will live longer but you will definitely live better.

Hospice specializes in caring for those that have been diagnosed with a terminal illness with a life expectancy of 6 months or less.

We want to put our energy, hopes, and actions toward quality of life. Hospice is not about dying… in essence, it is about living.

Hospice works best when there are months rather than days to establish relationships and provide support. If hospice is chosen early, you are free to change your mind at any point in the future.

At Serenity, what makes us better at hospice than anyone else is that we are the oldest most experienced hospice in the area. We have experienced, educated nurses providing care. We have trained eyes on the patient because your loved one, your family, you… deserves that.

Our patients are more than patients, they become our family.

If you have questions about hospice or how we can help, log on to or call our office at 573.431.0162