Serenity HospiceCare is the most experienced

Serenity HospiceCare was established in 1989 which makes us the most experienced hospice company in the area. From the beginning, we have had a board of directors that is made up of people who live, work and worship right here in the counties that we serve. We have many long standing employees with 15+ year’s tenure. As new employees come on board, the legacy of integrity and compassion are passed down.

Counties in Missouri that we service: St. Francois County, Iron County, Washington County, Madison County, Perry County, Ste. Genevieve County, Bollinger County, parts of Reynolds County and parts of Jefferson County.

Independent, Non-profit organization

Serenity HospiceCare has always been an independent, non-profit hospice company. We are not affiliated with a particular hospital or healthcare system. The decisions for your loved one are made right here by our team of end of life specialists.

Our patients are visited up to five times each week

Our patients are cared for by nurses and CNA’s. A Nurse and a CNA are assigned to each patient. They have been educated and trained and are all backed by a team of experienced specialists in end of life care. We believe it is vital for patients and family members to feel a bond with the team that cares for them. This happens when there is trust in their experience and the consistency of one team providing their care.

Spiritually based company

As a spiritually based company, we believe that there is a God inspired longing at the core of all human beings to connect with the Creator. However, spirituality is a broad spectrum word that is defined by the individual. It may be based on religious beliefs or in the context of life experiences. At Serenity HospiceCare, we care for the whole person and do not discriminate against anyone of any age, gender, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or financial situation.

24 hour crisis response

If our patient has a crisis situation in the middle of the night, family can call our 24 hour crisis response line:


Our on call nurse will be there within an hour, providing you peace of mind and a trusted resource that can relieve stress.

Serving all, regardless of the ability to pay

Serenity HospiceCare is a 501(c) (3) Non-Profit Organization. As a non-profit, we do not refuse service to anyone for the inability to pay. Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance typically covers all of our services and supplies; however, if a patient is not covered, or does not have insurance, they still receive our care. This is obtainable by the generosity of those that make donations to Serenity HospiceCare.